moving with intention

Ottawa, canada

mar 30, 2019 . 10 - 4pm

“Nothing is more revealing than movement.
The body says what words cannot.”
— Martha Graham

Ever notice your best insights come during a walk in the park or a run?
Our bodies in motion are full of impulses and information that lead to discoveries.

Part life coaching + part dance party = a joyfully expressed you.

You know that feeling when a great piece of music comes on and it lifts your mood, changes your perspective and suddenly a re-energized you sets off on a new course? What moments before seemed difficult is now doable and you feel the momentum and the courage to make things happen?

What if you could apply that feeling to whatever goal or challenge you have in front of you right now? What do you crave? deeper connections? more confidence? life balance? owning your strengths? more passion? a promotion?

 What if a day could give you insights that enable you to move around your blocks and into new strengths?

Music and movement have a way of opening us up. They may trigger moments of shyness, sadness, power or excitement. Through them we awaken our different personalities; some that have been hidden, forgotten or are still undiscovered. In playing with these new aspects of ourselves we can step into a new way of being and infuse our goals, our relationships and our work with different energy, passion and perspective.


  • You enjoy learning about yourself; this is a time to play, discover and enjoy! Return home energized with “ah-has” that enable you to step into a new way of being.

  • You want to push beyond the confinement of “how I usually do things” into the freedom of  “how I do things now!” Integrate a new attitude and spring in your step.

  • You have an intention, a goal, a wish that you want to get off the ground and want a creative way to step around what might be blocking you. Leave inspired with a new approach to achieving your goals.

  • You are ready to learn from the wisest of teachers – yourself. Who else has the inside knowledge of you, your hesitations, your stories and your wants? Gift yourself needed time to hear your own dreams.

  • You’ve been promising yourself some me time - a day of play, self-care and creativity in the company of others who love to have fun. Leave rejuvenated and ready to leap into spring.

  • Good music just makes you want to move. What if it can help you move into your best life?

what we will explore

Ready to experiment with who you could be?

This workshop is a creative way to play with “who else I could be” by exploring new personalities through movement and music. Drop into your body, notice your own answers, and have fun experimenting!

Shift the internal tapes that stop you from staying present, being daring, or moving outside your comfort zones. (These tapes are the same ones that might be activated right now which are saying “I’m too shy to get up and dance” or “what if I look silly?”).

Celebrate and create a greater range of authentic expression. The day will alternate between life coaching (facilitated group work, journaling, goal setting) and guided movement to different music styles.

Leave with practical insights to shift your approach and achieve the intentions you have set for living your best life in 2019.




Professional Leadership Coach/CEO of Advivum Journeys (PCC, MPA)

For Tania, creative expression and coaching changed everything. This combination enabled her to step beyond the script of “who I know myself to be” into the possibility of “who do I dare to be now”? When we change our way of thinking and discover beyond our comfort zones, we give way to the life lessons that emerge and guide us in shaping who we want to be.

Tania is an executive coach/leadership consultant and transformational travel retreat leader for her own firm, Advivum Journeys. For over 25 years she has focused on developing strong leadership capacity in individuals and organizations who believe in their potential to effect real, meaningful change and live their best lives.



CEO/Artistic Director of Luv2Groove™

Julia Gutsik is recognized for her versatility, passion and high energy as a dancer and educator. With over 25 years of dance training, Julia holds a Master’s in Education in Teaching, Learning and Evaluation, a Bachelor in Education and a Bachelor in Dance and Kinesiology. With over 10 years of teaching experience, Julia thrives on learning and exploring creative ways to engage people of all ages through dance.

She is interested in using dance as a language to explore ways to communicate and release hidden potentials in everyone she works with.

what is the creative process?

Note: there is no choreography to learn, no performance, no one watching.

This should feel the same way it does when a good song comes on and you start dancing in your kitchen.  Julia will lead the dance exploration, helping us explore the movement in our bodies and leading us in easy to follow moves.

We will be moving to music for approximately 2.5 hours.

WHO should ATTEND:

  • All body types, all genders, all ages over 18 years.

  • Those who are curious to learn more about themselves in a creative way and are ready to participate in and create an inclusive, supportive and celebratory environment.

  • No dance experience required. This class accommodates all movement capabilities.

important details


$350+hst Includes:

  • Digital workbook prior to workshop with readings and exercises to get you focussed

  • Full day workshop facilitated by Tania and Julia.

  • Workshop materials and journal

  • Lunch provided by The Bowl

WHEN & Where

March 30, 2019 , 10am-4pm

The National Arts Centre, Rossy Pavillion, 1 Elgin St, Ottawa, ON

Note: there is free parking at the City of Ottawa, 110 Laurier Ave west.

What to bring

  • Please wear comfortable clothes that you can move in. We recommend layers, in order to stay warm during the times we are not moving.

  • We will be sitting on the ground, you may want to bring a yoga mat or blanket to sit on

  • We will be dancing in both, bare feet and running shoes. Dance shoes, if you have them, are also a great option. Please ensure your shoes are dry and clean and have not been recently worn outdoors.

Additional services:

Tania is accepting new private coaching clients. For more information about Tania’s coaching process, please send an email to

A package of six 1.5 hour sessions is $2500 +HST.