playing by the rules

Look around you. Nature doesn’t work on a calendar. She also doesn’t always respect order. She doesn’t finish the book when it is boring, she doesn’t care if snow falls on leaves. Sometimes she turns up the heat. I think she just smiles at it all. I’d like to think she is content just to play by her own rules.


keeper of celebrations

I have become a seeker of what’s right in the world. I have become a keeper of celebrations. I feel a calling now to notice and to hold up the ordinary moments that when viewed through the kaleidoscope of celebration show us that there is much right with the world. 


The Rambunctious Nature Of A Puppy

Wag, wag, wag. Because I am human and I do need the crutch of mantras and affirmations this is my new one “wag, wag, wag”. Let me stand in the midst of my own vulnerabilities and flirtations with shame over “foolish behaviour” and remember that I don’t need to lead with it.  I too can be unapologetic in my being.


The Abundance Of Enough.

So I challenged myself, what would it be to live with enough? What colour would I be if the thoughts and the energy I ingested were aligned with the rice-white of enough instead of the harried-grey of more? What would happen if I first grounded in having enough before I reached for more?


Advivum Journeys - Capture the Moment

capture the moment

When did we start to value the carefully calibrated pretend moments instead of the spontaneous real moments?