Interested in one of our retreats? Have a look at what past participants have to say.

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Queen of Retreats

Tania’s soul-stirring, seed-planting process started months before we landed on the Hawai’ian island. Four online workbooks filled with contemplation exercises, inspirational blogs and videos were interwoven to kickstart a transformation that works in much the same way as the irritant that creates the pearl in an oyster.
— Niki Natarajan

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Psychologies Magazine, Online,

7 Sep 2019

Our engaging hostess, executive coach Tania Carriere, tells us as we work how, just like the sugar dishes and candle holders we are working on, everyone tarnishes, and if we regularly polish ourselves we can rediscover our intricate patterns again.
— Caroline Sylger-Jones


Guest Reviews

Life-changing. I know, you’ve probably heard that before and felt skeptical. What I know is that this is absolutely true for me as I continue on my journey, my re-imagined self wide awake and raring to go. From the minute I arrived at the scenic Hui Ho’olana I felt deeply cared for – from the welcome bag on my pillow and the personal note, to the smiling faces of our leaders, Tania Carriere, Lisa Weiss and Fi Macmillan, the attention to detail was evident.
— Laura K


Robin Sparks

My weeklong retreat was framed as a radical sabbatical, designed to give all who attended a space for renewal, connection, and reflection. If the word sabbatical feels too formal, I’d encourage you to hold it lightly and start simple – it doesn’t have to involve a trip or even a day off. It should feel like you’re doing something different though, quite possibly outside of your comfort zone and set apart from your daily routine
— Robin Sparks