Working with Tania


Some of my clients like to work with me personally in a coaching relationship either virtually (via phone or video sessions), and for those nearby, we meet in person.  If you are interested in coaching, please get in touch by filling out the form below.

Clients typically seek my support when they are looking for:

  • Connection with their authentic self and the bravery to show their vulnerability

  • Clarity around their purpose

  • Intention and goal setting to realize their purpose or a goal

  • Presence – the Practice of Being rather than Doing

  • A noticing and celebration of a more creative, experiential expression of self

  • Purging of limiting beliefs

  • Facilitating insights, inspirations and strong conviction

  • Clarity of your own wisdom, the truths that you guide your life by



I have worked as a coach and consultant in the areas of leadership development, change management and employee engagement since the mid 90’s. I specialize in the design and facilitation of transformative learning strategies and retreats. Learn More

Corporate Clients typically seek my support when they are looking for:

  • Custom designed leadership development programs for all levels of the organization

  • Executive coaching for individuals or teams

  • Custom team retreats focused on communication, purpose, relationship intelligence, trust

  • Annual team meetings, conferences or large group change initiatives

  • Team engagement, accountability, development


My experience across cultures, my background in theatre, my years as a consultant and my certification as a Professional Coach (PCC) have given me the great opportunity and privilege to coach other coaches. If you are a coach yourself, I know that you demonstrate a special kind of leadership through inquiry and compassion and may need specialized coaching support.

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If you are interested in coaching, or have any questions, please get in touch by filling out the form below

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