My invitation to you - Be a seeker. Journey. Manifest the change you dare to dream. Answer your biggest questions and live your greatest aspirations.
— Tania

who is tania carriere

Advivum Journeys - Tania Carriere


I have a passion for discovery. I delight in the moment when everything changes simply because I experience the world and myself differently.

I’m most enchanted when I have caught the wisp of a new knowing. Inviting others to experience this same sense of discovery is one of my greatest joys.

I create experiences that introduce the tickle of a new possibility and induce the subtle shift of holding ourselves and our wisdom differently. 

My promise to you

One of my greatest gifts is in creating unique experiences that will engage your intellectual, emotional, physical and spiritual being in a journey of wonderment, discovery and ultimately change.

A little bit of theatre, a pinch of consulting, a good dose of coaching, lots of care and heartfelt friendship, all tempered with grace, adventure and Joie de vivre. I am committed to creating celebration and possibility while helping you to be courageous and bold in your journey to express your authentic self.  

This is what you can expect from any journey we share.

my experience

I started travelling as a kid with my parents. I loved the energy of the family in discovery together. However, my fascination with travel and self-discovery was ignited when I was 18 when I took my first solo trip to work in France. I stood in awe of a whole culture coming to life around and within me. I left changed and forever craving the delicious wonderment that comes when I step into being something new and more aligned with the wisdom that I carry.

My corporate journey started as a consultant in 1995 in a boutique consulting firm in Ottawa, Canada that facilitated business transformation and change management. What I learned from my exposure to so many wonderful international leaders was that each of us, in order to create change outside, needs to be comfortable with change on the inside. The ability to inspire others to a new possibility requires authentic, deep connection and knowledge of one’s self. I became fascinated with the journey that strong leaders took to resonate compassion and conviction to their teams.

I have been working as an executive coach and consultant ever since. I focus on developing strong leadership capacity in individuals who are called to move others to new possibilities. And I still continue to travel – more than 75 countries and countless new discoveries. 




Advivum is a toast in Latin, it means “to the life”.

One day it came to me in a flash. I didn't have to wait to toast friends, family, possibilities at grand occasions. I could sit in the moment, any moment and toast the poignancy and grace that was present.

And so it began. A commitment to a toast. 4 o'clock champagne in a beautiful glass.

With a willingness to see the wisdom and the wonder in each moment. A celebration of what is – the extraordinary and the ordinary.  It is at the foundation of all of the work, and adventuring that I do.


Travel changes the canvas on which you see your story. Inspiration comes in a flash. It comes with a realization, an experience, an aha.

I have journeyed to over 75 countries, and each of those journeys has allowed me to step beyond the script of “who I know myself to be.” I try new things, I laugh, I don’t take life too seriously, I transform, I dream, I become. Away from the familiar, I am bolder, more curious, more aware. More open to being my best self.

No longer surrounded by the markers of everyday life, I step beyond my comfort zone. I am inspired by my potential for change. I press pause on the old patterns and give myself new freedom, to “just be”.

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