Love is in the Air

Advivum Journeys - Love is in the air

My first thought was “wow – look at what nature left behind – a heart to remind me that love is everywhere”. Yes, I am the kind of person that sees what could be magical before she sees what is logical, and it immediately put something lighter in my step.

And then I realized that something much more glorious had happened. It wasn’t some natural phenomenon, but rather some human, sitting in a moment of… desolation? inspiration? who thought “The pain and divisiveness that is going on in this world doesn’t match the hope I have in my heart.”

And then they made a decision.

They got on the plane with the sole intention of leaving a mark; to let their voice be a part of our landscape, to turn our heads upwards and lift our spirits and remind us of a universal truth that we sometimes forget - that love is what surrounds us.

Love is in the Air.

Love Makes the World Go Around.

That’s the story I am making up about this heart painted in the sky, as I don’t actually know who did it or what their intention was. Perhaps they were on route somewhere and then turned back suddenly remembering that they left something on the stove… but I’m sticking to my story because it makes me feel good. It lifted my spirit immediately and was a like a beacon to my beleaguered sense of community.

I imagine that there are so many others like me, who are just aching to feel connection and belonging. Who long to say “this crazy, polarized way of beingis just not me”. I want nothing more than the peace that comes when I feel myself let go and sink into the warmth of another’s arms around me. I used to feel that sense of belonging no matter where I traveled in this world. Safe in the conviction that, above all things, we knew that we belonged to one another.

The message in this blue sky is not just a moment that reminded me of a peace that I aspire to and a humanity that I believe in, it has landed in my heart as a call to action. Time to start my own skywriting. To literally leave messages of love and hope. A trail of faerie dust.

I’m flying to Nashville this morning. I’ve readied myself with 100 heart-shapedpost-its to sprinkle in the airport, the taxi, the restaurants, the park bench. While I write each one I am feeling renewed - the conviction of peace and connection builds. The anticipation... might someone have a momentary frisson when they find it and feel their own sense of hope rekindled? Can I be brave enough to not only leave a trail, but to look someone in the eye today and offer this message of love straight from my heart.

Can I live today with the soul purpose of connecting with those I meet in a moment of kindness? 

And you? Can you commit to this ultimate act of love?

To indiscriminately place hope in the universe for all to find? Not just the thought of it, but the action of it? A note left, a message written, a heart in the sand, a slip in the library book, a sidewalk hopscotch of hope?

Can we make it our challenge today? If each of us creates one moment, can we lift our spirits on what will feel like a gentle, hopeful breeze?

But even as I write this, I find the fear creeping in…what does a silly little act of hope amount to? What does a heart cloud really change? Who cares, Tania?  Your silly little experiment and this tiny blog won’t repair the tear in the fabric. It is nothing but a childish action, sentimental at best.

And I admit that I wavered under the harsh cynicism of this inner critic. I’ll be truthful, I wavered so much I contemplated writing an entirely different blog. Unsure of what to do I stepped outside to clear my head.

And then the funniest thing happened. I guess one of the post-its had fallen to the floor when I had packed my bag ... or maybe something greater was afoot... but when I looked down I found this heart stuck to my shoe. For the second time in a day I feel myself smile and wish, wanting to believe. So I am being brave. Here it is.

I know it does not replace the hard conversations that we need to have, the truth and transparency that is required. But perhaps this smallest of actions and these simple words can give a small lift in our steps, move us even one degree closer to belonging and with that we can sit together and remember…

Love is in the Air.

You tell me.

In Celebration and IN LOVE,

Special thanks to Lisa Reuff who made sure this moment did not pass me by and to the person who left the shape of their heart for me to find, I wish you could know that it has a beat. Thank you.