Advivum Journeys - Wings

***You are a Goddess Living in a City of Angels***

I often ask my clients to visualize themselves opening their wings - to connect to their strength so that they can rise into the possibilities that they see for themselves.

They often look at me like I am a loveable nut-cake.

Then I saw this moment …absolute proof that there are people with wings, unaware and unassuming…and just about to fly.

Imagine the great force one must feel at the spot where your wings attach to your body. That spot on your back where the momentum of where you are going meets the inertia of where you are.

I wonder if he knows?

Does he feel the great power and weight of the wings on his back? Does he sense that he can rise above with little effort? When he finds himself in that feeling of flow, does he recognize his wingspan lifting him over his daily concerns? Can he sense, but perhaps not name, a transcendent force coursing through him? He is not fuelled by the energy of a mere mortal, but that of a goddess. The mural tells us so.

This fleeting moment, a casual unannounced happenstance, made me smile.

Sometimes truth shows itself with amazing clarity, doesn’t it?  But the question that lingered with me was, did he see it?

I was recently in conversation with a client. She was pitched forward in her seat, full of expressed intention and possibility lighting up her face. She was daring to creep up to her ambition like I often approach the lake’s edge - tentatively and longingly - with a desire to be out there floating in the sun and yet resisting jumping in.

And as she sat in the limbo of wishing and wondering, she loosened her grip on her desire and in that split moment I saw doubt and worry creep in. Still leaning forward, her huge eyes started to well as she considered “Am I enough?” enough, witty enough, logical enough, thin enough, funny enough, strong enough, timely enough, creative enough, desirable enough, gifted enough. And behind each of those questions comes the universal longing, "Am I seen?”

For who I am, as I am.

And in that very moment I thought “I wish you could see who you are. I wish you could see your wings”.

I wish you could see what I can see; that the only reason that you can’t fly, soar and rise above is that you haven’t opened your wings. You aren’t trusting that they are glorious and strong. You aren’t realizing that there are thermals that we are meant to ride. You don’t see that though you don’t use them, your wings, your courage and your strengths are always there, ready. You don’t remember that you came into this world already knowing how to fly. And that all you have to do is to connect to the energy around you, believe that those possibilities and dreams are yours to claim and stretch into a new horizon.

What we, as mere mortals, seem to crave the most is to be seen. But do we really see ourselves? Will he see his wings? Will she see hers?

Do you see yours?

You are a goddess living in a city of angels.

The mural says so. I think it’s right.

In celebration,