RADICAL SABBATICAL - recharge . relaunch

May 18 - 22, 2020

“Tell me, what is it you plan to do with your one wild and precious life?”
— Mary Oliver

When are you going to dare to pause long enough to finally take a deep breath and lean into the question of what comes next?

Alchemy. Sometimes wisdom comes with a flash of knowing - right time, right place, forever changed. Are you ready to find your answers?



  • You’re “successful”, but you wonder if this is your best life.

  • Somewhere along the line your enthusiasm and excitement dulled and you’d like it to spark again.

  • Your life, your needs, and your view of what’s next have shifted. Who you are and what you want has evolved and it’s time to figure it out.

  • You need a time out, somewhere luxurious, where you can hear yourself think, slow down and get some perspective on what is meaningful to you now. It is time to keep that promise to take time for yourself.

  • You want to live by your own definition of fulfillment, happiness, purpose, if only you knew what that really meant for you.

  • You threw off society’s expectations of who you should be only to wonder what expectations you have of yourself.

  • You’re ready to dare, to reach, to throw off the old limitations and reach for new possibilities.

  • You want to live fully, unapologetically, from the centre of your being.

  • You want to be the author of your own destiny, because…



what we will explore

Maybe you wonder what you want your legacy to be? Or how to change careers? Or move into the relationship you’ve always dreamed of? Or escape the labels you’ve outgrown? Whatever it is, you’ll choose the direction of your exploration during our time together.

Know where you are: It’s time to take stock; the beginning of a hero’s journey should start with a good knowing of where you are and what got you there. What do you know now for sure? What wisdom and experience define your journey to date? Do you know your “why”, your sense of purpose and do you live by it?

Choose your own path: There is a web of rules and beliefs that ensnares each of us and shapes who we allow ourselves to be, what direction we allow ourselves to take. Shake off the “shoulds”, the patterns, the “supposed to be” and the “because it is always that way”. Set your own guidelines. Play by your own rules, or just get rid of them entirely.

Take it up a notch: Quite frankly, after a while our purposeful walk through life ends up being a bit of a meander. With so many details to attend to, sometimes we just forget where we were headed. If you could do anything, what would you dare to do now? Who would you dare to be now? Big, small, heroic or meaningful, what’s your next step?

Be your own legacy: Life is about finding the courage to live true to your passion, your purpose and your gifts. Know them. Celebrate them. Share them. Live your best life and know what you’re in it for.

Success – own it: That illusive place of “happiness” or “success”, know what it looks like for you. Signposts and finish lines only work if you can see them.

Re-energize and revitalize. Bring back the effervescence, the commitment, the joie de vivire, the drive, the energy. Seriously, what ARE you waiting for?


what will i do on the retreat?

Every journey is carefully crafted and tailored to you. The unique design will facilitate each participant in the pursuit of their personal quest. One-on-one coaching and workbooks will prime you for your arrival, readying you to explore the direction you wish to take in realizing whatever sits on your horizon.

Retreat Days

Your retreat days will intermingle reflection and discovery activities, small group discussions and interactive group explorations balanced with plenty of time for rejuvenation, exploration, play and relaxation. Each agenda is tweaked to reflect the group and the conversation that emerges.

This retreat has:

  • At least 5 hours in group learning, it may be doing exploratory exercises, partner work, short training components, games, experiments.

  • two glorious self-guided hikes in the English countryside. Following the centuries old paths, this adventure will have you fully immersed, walking

    through fields, farmland, paddocks and orchards. The discovery is as much about your own assumptions and limitations in decision making and wayfinding as it is about your glorious surroundings.

  • Access to Tania and Fi for a private coaching.

  • Connection and community time. Some of the greatest gifts come from one another and the wisdom that each of you holds. Our application process will ensure that a symbiotic group of seekers is assembled.

  • Access to the 15 acre garden, the Goodnestone Manor drawing rooms and parlours. Feel the history and the grandness of Goodnestone quietly envelop you as you relax and recharge.

  • 3 wonderful meals a day. We eat together, we laugh together.

Your 4 month Journey

Your exploration of your Way Forward begins 2 months before your arrival in Kent in order to allow you to fully engage in and benefit from your retreat experience. You will also be supported as you return home and implement your new found learnings. As a part of your journey you will be supported with;

  • One on one coaching sessions with Tania both before and after the retreat in order to bring clarity to your intention for discovery.

  • 3 beautifully designed workbooks to guide your reflection prior to your arrival and after your return home. These include readings, videos, journaling and exercises

  • Private Online group space where you can continue your dialogue with your tribe


Tania Carriere

Tania is deeply committed to being courageous and bold while answering life’s most important questions. Heartfelt, gracious and a believer in abundance, Tania’s experience of travel is that it holds the key to unlocking our sense of enchantment, discovery and humanness.

With over 20 years designing unique, transformational experiences for individuals and organizations, Tania Carriere leans on her background in psychology, coaching, change management, leadership and personal transformation, theatre and travel to create fully integrated life provoking experiences. She also blogs at Celebrate What’s Right and Advivum Journeys and is always contemplating the next adventure. More about Tania

Tania Carriere

Tania Carriere

Fi Macmillan

Adventurer and entrepreneur, Fi has been coaching leaders for over 20 years. She values deep questioning of most things, including the rules of what we choose to live by. Super curious and with a joyous spirit, she believes that connection with the natural environment leads us to greater wisdom and wellbeing. Not one to be satisfied with status quo, Fi embraces change and a wholehearted commitment to finding her next right answer.

Fi Macmillan

Fi Macmillan

what is the creative process?

We believe that in order for transformation to truly take hold, we must explore ourselves through different modalities, engaging our physical, creative, emotional and spiritual selves. For this reason each Advivum Journeys has integrated multiple learning experiences to engage your fullest learning. Movement and creativity are gateways to self discovery. On this retreat you will discover through:


What better way to find your next right answer than to be wayfinding on the centuries old (but very well maintained) footpaths! Part metaphor part challenge, you will be on several discovery hikes which will take up to 3.5 hours.


Equipped with instructions, (…follow the well marked trail through the orchard to the brow the hill and…)

this adventure will bring you through time and the rarely experienced country landscapes, quaint villages, and rolling landscapes of Kent.

(*this is a vigorous walk that can be accomplished by anyone with a basic physical ability.)


The sought treasure? YOU!! Milestones and clues will be left along the way, each one giving you an opportunity to reflect on your journey and the greater direction that you are seeking for your life.

You will be creating a video journal of your discoveries and your challenges, all which will culminate in your sense of discovery.


Did you know Jane Austen wrote while at Goodnestone Manor?

A radical in her time, she pushed against society’s notion of who she sought to be and sought to influence her own fate.

Through guided reflections you will look at the arc of your own story, and pen your newest chapter and perhaps push a few notions of your own.



Men and women who want to architect the next stage of their life and rekindle a sense of wonder, excitement and commitment to the passions that matter to them the most. This a time to pause, take stock, reflect and reorient.

Most of us are so busy getting the next thing done, that we forget to check in and notice the ground we have covered, the choices we have made, the destinations we have arrived at as well as the ones we let slip by.

This is a time to reconnect with what is meaningful to you now, to step into your “why” and become grounded in the journey that will be meaningful for you in the next chapter of your life.


Goodnestone Manor is a quintessential Queen Ann gem in the rolling landscape of Kent, England. Recently renovated and restored to its full glory, this 12 room house will be the exclusive home for Advivum Journeys for the week. Surrounded by 400 year old sweet chestnut trees and a patchwork of villages, footpaths and pubs, this home was once the dreaming space of Jane Austen. 15 acres of renowned Gardens will tempt you to wander outside. This is a rare chance to live in such a stately home, which showcases a brilliant fusion of classical elegance with a sleek 21st century accent.


your commitment

4 month discovery process - 3 workbooks, 2 coaching sessions, 5 day retreat, accommodation, meals, activities.

Your deposit of 50% will be required upon acceptance into the program in order to hold your spot. Balance is due six weeks prior to the retreat. This is an intimate retreat with limited enrollment that includes all meals, accommodations and coaching. That means that we cannot accommodate deposit refunds. However, if something comes up and you cannot attend, we will do our best to help you find someone to fill your spot.


  • 5 days of in-session workshops (at least 5 hours a day) for personal transformation

  • 2 one-on-one coaching sessions with Tania

  • 4 nights accommodation (all rooms with private ensuite) in the beautifully refurbished Goodnestone Manor House, built in the 1700s

  • Tranquil time to relax and explore private access to 15 acres of award winning Goodnestone Gardens

  • Curated experiences designed to bring the magic of the English countryside to life; two 3 hour self-guided hikes, a private dinner at the Griffin’s Head Pub (built in 1286), high tea, cultural surprises.

  • All gourmet meals, prepared fresh daily at the manor house, just for us.

  • Post retreat community connection and virtual support to keep you living your



Why did I choose Kent?

I fell in love with the English countryside while exploring the public footpaths – instructions in hand, weaving down country lanes, wandering through estate gates, over stone walls and into hidden clearings, enchanted. Time travelling as I sat under a 400 year old chestnut tree, so large and imposing I could only think of the ancestors, its and mine, that had come before me, I wondered about the next chapter of my life and what I would make of it.

Finally present to myself and my thoughts, in that moment I could hear myself start to ask and finally begin to answer some my biggest questions.

Kent is known as the 'Garden of England'. It claims to be the oldest county in England and contains some 17000 listed historic buildings. I love the little villages, cottages and charming pubs that dot the countryside, that seem to magically appear unadorned and unannounced. And the footpaths! These public footpaths which crisscross the landscape are hundreds of years old, from a time when transportation was mostly on foot. They give a unique felt sense of history and geography and are the perfect place to contemplate life’s bigger questions.

Are you ready to ask yours?


Getting Here:

Goodnestone (google maps) is in the Kent countryside, east of Canterbury, and easily accessed.

FLIGHTS: International flights land in London, at Heathrow (LHR).

TRAINS: Hourly trains from London to Canterbury West, journey times vary from 45 -90 minutes. A 20 minute taxi ride will bring you from the train station to the front door. (thetrainline.com)

CAR: 90 minutes from London

what others are saying

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for your boss

Let’s face it, your leaders already have the skills and expertise they need to be integral to your organization. What they need is to be reinvigorated by their direction, motivated by a sense of personal purpose and recharged so that they can tap into the inspiration and wisdom that experience has given them and engage those that are around them.

It’s simple, who we are is how we lead. Knowing who we are is being intentional about how we lead. By observing our patterns, beliefs, and choices through experiential learning and coaching, we are able to make conscious decisions that lead to lasting transformation. Personal leadership is the foundation of any noteworthy leadership culture. Fully expressed, authentic, present leaders are a necessary attribute of today’s most innovative and competitive organizations.


Come ground yourself in the experience of being both present in the moment and

enchanted by what you discover - in your surroundings and in yourself. Unhurried by

time, fall in love again with those things that matter the most.

“Answer your biggest questions and live your

greatest aspirations.”
— Tania

Radical Sabbatical

May 18 - 22, 2020